How Are Market Fluctuations Affecting Seattle Home Sellers?

Recent stock market volatility has been the source of intense speculation among real estate experts. The next recession may or may not be around the corner which leaves many to wonder: what are the implications for buying and selling in today’s hottest markets? The Pacific Northwest housing market is on fire.  If you own a … Continued

The Tiny House Trend: Should You Sell Your Home To Live Small?

As the tiny house trend continues to attract more and more homeowners to its fold, you might be wondering if there’s something in it for you. For some, it’s the appeal of simple living. Tiny homes are an obvious solution for the modern minimalist: less space for less stuff and more conscious design. For others, … Continued

5 Ways to Handle Horrible Tenants

Horrible tenants come in all forms. There are ones who consistently fail to pay their rent on time. Then there are ones who forget to tell you about the black mold growing in the basement or who scream obscenities at 1 a.m. Regardless of the offense, one thing’s for sure. Horrible tenants are tough to … Continued

4 Ways to Protect Your Home from an Earthquake in Seattle, WA

Natural disasters have been riddling the country lately, and the deaths and destruction have been devastating. Most people don’t prepare for natural disasters. It’s easier to think they won’t happen to us. But here in Seattle, the chances of a natural disaster are good, particularly the chances of an earthquake. The Puget Sound area experienced … Continued