Is It a Good Time To Sell My Seattle Home?

The Covid-19 pandemic upended nearly every part of life throughout the year – but the Seattle-area housing market stayed strong. Low inventory, high buyer demand, and rising prices continued throughout the year, creating a competitive market even through the holidays, which usually marks a slowdown.  Looking into the rest of 2021, experts have said it’s … Continued

How To Get The Most For Your Seattle Home

It is easy to miss a lot of the wear and tear that happens to your house over the years. But, when it comes time to sell, the state of your home can be a critical factor in the price you get from potential buyers.  You know that there are things that need to be … Continued

Need To Sell Your Home? – With Tenants? Here’s How.

Owning a rental property can be a lucrative investment, generating a steady income from rent payments and property value growth. But in a strained and uncertain economy, many property owners decide to let go of the landlord gig and offload their rental homes amid falling rent prices in major cities.  Even when the market is … Continued

The Real Price of Selling a Home in Seattle

So, you’re ready to sell your home to start a new adventure, and you’re wondering how much you should budget for. Some sellers may not realize the amount of money they’ll be required to pour into their home sale until they reach the closing table. When you’re selling your home, it’s essential to be well … Continued

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3 House Selling Tips In Spokane

Selling your Spokane WA home is never a simple process. But it can be especially difficult if you have to sell your Spokane house fast. In this article, we will take a look at a few house selling tips in Spokane that will allow you to get a fast sale. Tip #1: Increase The Odds … Continued

I Can’t Sell My House In Spokane

I Can’t Sell My House In Spokane WA… Help!

If you’ve found yourself saying, “I can’t sell my house in Spokane WA,” this article is for you. Maybe you’ve been trying to sell your Spokane house for a while now and haven’t received any offers, don’t panic! You still have a few options at your disposal to help you sell your house for a fair … Continued

How to stay in my home after foreclosure

Giving My House Back To The Bank In Spokane

“I’m behind in payments…will I be giving my house back to the bank in Spokane?” Nobody wants to lose their home. But sometimes financial circumstances turn against you and those financial commitments become simply too much to manage. If your situation progresses too far, you may be forced into the unfortunate situation of having to … Continued