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“You helped me pay for storage, rental truck, and moving costs before we even sold you our home!”

Larry was facing foreclosure and the home was in bad shape. After we agreed to buy Larry's home we paid for his moving expenses and helped him move. He was very happy.“You were entirely fair, upfront, and easy to work with. You were very understandable about my tough situation. You helped me pay for storage, rental truck, and moving costs before we even sold you our home! I’m entirely satisfied I worked with your team!”
1612 25th St Everett, WA 98201

Larry Stonebrink – Everett, WA

We Buy Houses Locally, In Any Condition, For Cash, Fast

Buy My House Fast In Washington

Are you going through a difficult situation that is forcing you to sell your house? Foreclosure, divorce, bankruptcy, etc. are just a few from all the cases our clients have gone through. We’ve been there too, and that’s we understand so well how desperate you can be and how bad you need to sell your house fast and get cash. I Will Buy House helps people to sell their homes quickly in Washington, no matter the situation or the house conditions. 


About Us

We’ve been in the business since 2015, providing knowledgeable and personable experience to our homeowners. Our goal is to help them get out of that problematic real estate situation that is complicating their life by providing them the best solution to their problem. Depending on the case, we recommend the homeowner take our fair and fast cash offer, and other times we advise homeowners to list with a real estate agent.

We Know How It Feels  

We know about life’s difficulties because we faced persecution, and we couldn’t live in the country without feeling endangered. That’s why we sympathize with homeowners because we know much stress and pain these situations can raise, whether it is health-related or family-focused. We always try to understand and relate, and we never judge. 


We saw family and friends hurt by the housing crisis in 2008. Since then, we decided that we wanted to help homeowners, inform them about all the options available they have, and buy houses from people in situations where it makes sense to sell. 

We Can Help You

If you want someone to buy your house fast in Washington, I Will Buy House can help you. No matter your house conditions, or the situation you’re going through, we’ll buy your house fast without charging you any commission or fee. Stop wasting time with other sources. Contact us now.