Frequently Asked Questions About Selling To A Cash Buyer

Do you have questions about selling your home to us? We are happy to discuss our process anytime via phone or email. Please contact us at any time or give our office a call 206-231-5864 and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions. If we are not the right fit for you, we will even recommend reputable real estate agents to work with.

For your convenience, we have provided answers to some of our most-asked questions below…

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Q:  Will I Be Under Obligation Once I Get My Cash Offer From IWillBuyHouse.Com? 

A: NEVER! There is never any obligation, just information about the options available to you. Tell us a bit about your property and we will help you understand what different selling options are available to you. We will happily make you an offer, but it up to you whether or not that it is the right decision for you. We are not into high-pressure sales and we will not hassle you or pressure you into any decision.

Q:  How Much Are The Commissions And Fees When I Work With A Cash Buyer?

A: Always $0. This is why selling direct has become increasingly popular. We charge zero commissions because we are a direct buyer. In addition, we pick up all costs associated with the sale and the closing. We make you an offer, and that’s it, that’s what you walk away with! Never any hidden costs or fees. To be candid, we make our profit after we renovate and repair the house. We don’t always see a profit, but we do enjoy restoring homes for the betterment of the local economy.

Q:  What Are The Advantages Of Selling Your Home For Cash?

A: There are many advantages of selling your house to us which include: we buy as-is and don’t ask for costly repairs, you can avoid contingency clauses, buyer financing is not an issue, selling a house for cash is quicker and less legwork, there are no open houses and your life doesn’t get interrupted while you are trying to sell a house, there is no stress of when my house is going to sell and will the buyer qualify for the loan. There are additional reasons specific to each seller and we will be happy to discuss your situation over the phone or email.

Q:  What Are The Disadvantages Of Selling Your Home To A Cash Buyer?

A: There is one disadvantage of selling your home for cash, you will not get the absolute top dollar for your house. To get the top dollar for your house what we recommend you do is fix up the house with brand new appliances, flooring, roof, et,c then stage the property and get a professional photographer to take the photos, list the house with the top real estate agent, and market the heck out of the property and schedule several open houses. Then you’ll probably get the most out of your house, of course you will need to subtract the closing costs, the agent commission, and your time and effort. In fact, this is typically what we do after we buy a house.

Q:  How Are You Different From A Real Estate Agent?

A: Agents have you sign a listing agreement with them, then they attempt to sell your house to a third party individual in exchange for a commission. (Typically around 6%.) There are no guarantees that the property will sell for your asking price or in a specific timeframe. In many US markets, the average time to sell is 6-12 months. That can be a long time of waiting and paying bills on a house you don’t want to own. Utilities, taxes, and insurance can add up fast.  Working with [compant] will allow you to close quickly, ending your financial burdens almost immediately. If you have time and don’t mind paying out for the costs (commissions, listing, cleaning, repairs, staging, etc) then listing can be a great solution! If you would rather the sale be over and done with, without facing unknown repairs costs, and still putting a great cash amount in your pocket, then a direct sale might be the better choice!

Q:  Will You Be Listing My House Or Actually Buying It?

A:   We want to buy in directly from you, no listing required! We are currently buying homes all over Washington that meet our buying criteria. From there we may repair the house and resell it to another home owner or keep it as a rental ourselves.

Q:  Do Cash Buyers Pay Fair Prices For Properties?

A:  Always! No, it is not market value, but in exchange for a lower offer, you get a lightning fast close, zero fees, zero commissions no waiting, no stress, and you will save money on utilities, insurance, and taxes by selling it sooner rather than later!  Many people make out better in the long run! There is never any obligation with our offers, so find out what we can offer you today!

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Q:  How Do You Determine The Price To Offer On My House?

A:  We are always very open about how we come up with our offers. We will explain to you exactly why we offer what we do. First, we look at the location of the property, what repairs are needed, the current condition of the property, and values of recent sales nearby. We take all of this into consideration… and come up with a fair price that will work for everyone!

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