Fastest And Easiest Way To Sell Your Home


I Will Buy Home cares about helping people solve their real estate problems. If you are looking to sell your house here in Seattle, you can always contact us, and we will buy your home as-in any condition and no matter the situation. Selling your house to an investor can be more natural than to a realtor. We are not the ones listing your home; we will buy it and pay cash for it immediately. This means that you don’t have to spend time and money on unnecessary things. 

We are not like other home buying companies. We focus more on helping people and leaving them without any stress. If you are looking for a reasonable solution, we will guarantee you the best option. Since our process is simple, just by filling out a short form, visiting your property, agreements about the terms and to finalize you choose your closing date. 


What Is Our Purpose?

We are a family company that cares about its clients by presenting them with the best solutions for their real estate problems. How did we start? We started our business when seeing our friends being hurt in 2008 by the housing crisis. This gave us an idea of how we can help our beloved ones. People were losing their homes, there were no opportunities for jobs, businesses were closing, and the economy was going down. We started researching banks unfairly seizing homes, and we came up with the idea to help these people out. 

Our primary purpose is to help homeowners and buy houses from people in different situations. We try to find all the critical details of our clients to come up and provide them an ideal offer that will fit their needs. We analyze the situation that you are passing through and discuss with you the possible solutions, for example, self-listing, selling to us for cash, or selling with an agent the differences and benefits. The owner is the one who will decide which solution fits the best for them. We give an offer, but it is without any commitment. I Will Buy Houses follow a careful process to reach the homeowner’s goal fast and easy.