How REI Managers Are Taking Measures Against The Novel Coronavirus

Due to the spread of coronavirus, businesses are implementing new ways of preventing the virus from affecting their employees and customers’ health. I Will Buy House, as real estate investors, are also taking measures against the novel coronavirus, and we want to make you aware of them so you feel safe when working with us.


Measures REI Managers Are Taking To Prevent Coronavirus

REI managers genuinely care about their employees and their customers, and that’s the main reason we have taken action. We’re responsible for their health, and that’s why many REI managers are implementing the following measures.

  1. Working From Home

One of the most essential actions to prevent the virus is staying away from people. If we let our employees work in the office, we are putting their health at risk. That’s why real estate employees try to do as much as possible from home. Some REI managers allow their employees to work outside the home when it’s strictly necessary.

  1. Hand Washing Reminder

As they work from home, they continue reminding our employees to wash their hands as much as possible to prevent the spread of the virus.

  1. Flexibility

If one employee is sick and needs to rest, some REI managers allow them to take as much as they require to recover. It’s crucial that they have enough time to rest and recuperate, and that they distance themselves from others as well.

  1. Precautions during appointments

Although real estate investors often do a home tour to evaluate the property before making an offer, this process is complicated by COVID-19 social distancing restrictions. REI managers are taking precautions, taking tours only when the homes are empty, taking hygiene measures, and/or requesting virtual tours and photos.

Let’s Protect Our Employees From Coronavirus

We cannot take this situation lightly. We at I Will Buy House are responsible for our employee’s health, and we are taking measures to protect them from the novel coronavirus as much as we can. REI managers must take these actions seriously to prevent the spread of coronavirus within their companies.