Seattle Home Buyers

If you are trying to sell your house in Seattle, I Will Buy House is the best homebuyer. It doesn’t matter your house conditions, if you need to clean the yard, repair the plumbing or even if you have a tenant, we take care of all that.

We won’t charge you any fees or extra costs, we want to help you sell your house faster and save money, because we understand that selling a house is not an easy task. We care about you and we want to provide you an immediate solution to your problem.


If you have tried selling a house with an agent, you’d probably know that it takes a lot of time, money and energy because of being constantly checking on the property and how is the sell going. We are the experts and that’s why we take care of all the details.

Know More About Us

We are a small but mighty family business dedicated to providing knowledgeable and personable experience to our homeowners. Our main goal is to help every homeowner that comes to us with a difficult real estate situation that is complicating his life. We put into the homeowner’s shoes to come up with the best solution.

We started this company because we saw very close people losing their homes because of the 2008 housing crisis, and that touched us. We decided that we wanted to help, we wanted to inform about all of the available options homeowners have, and buy houses from people in situations that pushed them to do it.

We take this seriously so we analyze every single situation with the homeowner and we discuss a possible solution to the problem.

If you’re looking for a homebuyer in Seattle, I Will Buy House can help you with whatever situation you’re going through that is related to your home. We are pride on being able to solve even the most challenging real estate problem and do it quickly. Let the experts help you out!