Thinking About Selling Your Eugene, Oregon House? 

We can help you explore ALL OF YOUR OPTIONS so you can sell your house fast in Eugene and for a great price!

Sell Your House Anywhere in Oregon. We Are Highly Rated, Google Verified, Local House Buyers…

Here are the benefits of selling your home to us:

  1. You don’t need to clean up or repair the property
  2. You don’t face the risk of the seller not being qualified by the bank because we pay with cash
  3. You save up to 6% on agent commissions
  4. You save up to 4% on closing costs
  5. You save up to 2% on the excise tax
  6. You save paying the holding costs and property taxes
  7. You don’t waste time finding an agent
  8. You can be confident that your house is SOLD to someone who can afford to buy it.

    The homeowner’s father passed away and the bank was going to foreclose on the house. We helped him sell the property quickly and saved his credit history 159 NE Stafford St Portland OR 97211 is a team of expert home buyers, top realtors, real estate professionals and Bellevue market experts! Because of this, we come to the table with lots of options!

So you want to sell your house fast in Eugene? Great, we can have a cash offer in your hands, and close on your home by this time next week! Or maybe you want to list the property to see what you can get on the MLS. We can help you by setting you up with one of the best realtors in town! When you decide to work with you can be confident you are working with the most dedicated, honest, and knowledgeable team of real estate pros in the area! 

Point blank: We want to see you be successful! We want to be a part of a decision you are HAPPY you made! Our mission is to help homeowners who feel they have become stuck with a burdensome or rundown property. We want to tell you today… YOU ARE NOT STUCK! You have options when it comes to selling your Bellevue home!

A Fast, Direct Sale Has Its Benefits…

Many people don’t realize just how much a quick sale can save them in out of pocket expenses.In addition:

  • There will be no need for any expensive repairs or upgrades.
  • You won’t spend any time, money and energy staging the home.
  • The price we offer is the price you get. There are no fees taken out. An agent will typically require a commission payment of around 6% in addition to any other fees.
  • You will be able to save up an additional 4% in closing costs
  • Save another 2% or so on the excise tax
  • You will end your obligation to pay utilities, taxes, and insurance. When you list the home, you could end up paying these bills for months. This can easily add up to thousands.
Sell your house fast in Bellevue gets excellent reviews from our sellers in Eugene, Oregon

We Have Wonderful Reviews in the Bellevue Area.

This is because we truly care about the people we work with and what we do. We want you to be completely satisfied and happy with your decision to sell. 

We help local residents every day with troublesome, burdensome real estate. Unwanted inheritances, houses in need of major repairs. We will make you a fair and honest offer on these properties, so you can move on with cash in your pocket. We can help you fast if you are going through a foreclosure, divorce, job change, new family member, downsize, or if you just want a quick and easy alternative to listing. No matter what situation you are facing, we want to act as a resource for you. We will help you reach your goals, or we will help find someone who can.

We can help you determine if you should sell directly, modify your loan, or list the property. There is no pressure to sell. We want you to do what is best for you and your situation!

If you choose to sell, we can close in a week and will use a fast 4 step process and close on the day you pick.
If you decide to list, we will match you with one of the area’s best agents!

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