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  1. You don’t need to clean up or repair the property
  2. You don’t face the risk of the seller not being qualified by the bank because we pay with cash
  3. You save up to 6% on agent commissions
  4. You save up to 4% on closing costs
  5. You save up to 2% on the excise tax
  6. You save paying the holding costs and property taxes
  7. You don’t waste time finding an agent
  8. You can be confident that your house is SOLD to someone who can afford to buy it.

We are a team of highly rated, professional homebuyers who want to make you a cash offer today! Not only that, but we want to share with you all options when selling your home, and how your selling decision will impact you! You have zero obligation, just a chance to learn more about the market and ways to sell your home FAST and for a great price!

Sell Your House Fast in Lakewood gets excellent reviews from our sellers in Lakewood, Washington

Do you own a house in Lakewood or the surrounding area? If so, and you have considered selling, we want to talk to you today! We are a team of local house buyers who can tell you everything you need to know about the local market. We take pride in our knowledge and our ability to explain potential outcomes when it comes to selling your Lakewood home!

You have options! Each with their own list of pros and cons. Selling fast might mean you get a lower sale price, however, you will be saving time, hassle and money on repairs and upgrades. Our mission is to help you reach your real estate goals through education and helping you decide what is best for you. Sometimes a direct sale is best, for others listing is the better option. We can help you no matter what you decide to do without any hassle or obligation. We have helped people all across Washington by purchasing their homes for a great cash price.

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Why do you want to sell? Because of our ability to close within just a few days, we can help you with many financial strains. We can help:

  • If the home is in constant repair and you are tired of putting band-aids on it
  • if you need to liquidate assets because of divorce or debt
  • if you have bad renters and are sick of the hassle
  • if your house is in foreclosure, a fast sale can stop the banks and save your credit!
  • if there are liens against the home
  • if you received an unwanted inheritance
  • if you need to move for work

Whatever your reason, we can help you with a solution… FAST!

No is the time to end the hassle and stress…

Let our expert team evaluate your property and review all of the options available to you. We want you to make the best decision for you and your family. We never want to harass you with high-pressure sales. Take what you learn from us, and make the choice that is best for you! No hassles or gimmicks ever!

Out of state owner sold his inherited house as is without coming back to Washington.
The house was in massive disrepair and had a leaking roof. The owner inherited the house and lived out of state. With our streamlined process, the seller didn’t have to come back to Washington to sell the house. We bought the house as is. 823 Colby Ave, Everett, WA 98201

Listing with an agent can take months and will cost you out of pocket money before you see a return. If you have time, and the money to put into it, listing may be right for you! We can help guide you through our simple listing process and make sure that you are working with a top area agent!

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