Stop Foreclosure In Seattle

Foreclosure is actually the legal process of a lender taking control of a property and evicts the homeowner to sell the home. Going through a foreclosure can be tough for homeowners, and it comes with a lot of consequences like finding a new home, suffering the credit fall out or living through loss. A lot of residents in Seattle deal with this issue due to late payments or not being able to continue paying for their property. With I Will Buy House there is a way out to get rid of foreclosure, and not only you will not lose your house, but your credit score can also be saved too.


We Want To Help

You might be probably asking yourself why we are doing all this. We saw a lack of companies out there who actually helped homeowners facing numerous situations like this that pushed them to sell their homes. So we wanted to create our own business with the tools required to help people go through the other side. With us, you are not only going to get a fair and cash offer for your house… we are going to walk with you in every single step of the way and help you figure out where you’ll land next!

We’re not like other home buying companies in Seattle. Helping people is our passion, and leaving them with joy and without stress is our satisfaction. No matter what situation you are, you can come to us and we’ll help you right away.

If you’re looking for a prompt solution, we guarantee you this is your best option. Our home selling process is extremely simple, you just have to fill out a short form, after that we’ll come to see your house, we will agree to the terms and then you get to choose your closing date. We don’t play around here!

If you want to start the process, contact us now so we can help you and your family through whatever situation you’re facing.