Trusted Local Seattle Homebuyer

Finding a local Seattle homebuyer is a great way to sell your home or any other property, without going through the hassle of a traditional sale.

Traditionally when listing your home, you will be looking at many months of invested time and money, with no guarantee of selling your property. Instead, I Will Buy House offers you an easy and fast way to sell your home. We are the most trusted local Seattle homebuyer, for our honesty, fair offers, and quick process.


Simple & Fast Process

You can easily sell your house from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is make a call and in three easy steps, you can sell your property to us. This process will all happen in just a few days, speeding up what is usually a lengthy process.

Step 1 – Get in contact with us to provide detailed information about your home, the condition, photos, or arrange a visit.

Step 2 – Our team analyzes the information and within a day makes you a cash offer with no obligation or fees. 

Step 3 – You choose the closing date and get paid in cash.

Unlike other buyers, you won’t have to worry about paying closing costs or the sale falling through at the last minute. We keep our word, and what we offer is what you get, with no deductions or fees.

Save Time & Money

Forget about investing money in a renovation and dealing with contractors, while having no guarantee of getting your money back during the sale. 

I Will Buy House doesn’t care about the condition of your property. We don’t require you to make any type of changes or repairs, not even cleaning. If you’re moving to a different location and have furniture you don’t want to take with you, we will buy the house with the furniture still inside.

We have helped many other Seattle residents like you that don’t have the time or money to sell their house traditionally. Save on commissions, taxes, and closing costs — I Will Buy House takes care of it all.