We Buy Your House in Seattle, WA

Stop Stressing About Selling Your House


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“You helped me pay for storage, rental truck, and moving costs before we even sold you our home!”

Larry was facing foreclosure and the home was in bad shape. After we agreed to buy Larry's home we paid for his moving expenses and helped him move. He was very happy.“You were entirely fair, upfront, and easy to work with. You were very understandable about my tough situation. You helped me pay for storage, rental truck, and moving costs before we even sold you our home! I’m entirely satisfied I worked with your team!”
1612 25th St Everett, WA 98201

Larry Stonebrink – Everett, WA

We Buy Houses Locally, In Any Condition, For Cash, Fast


We Buy Your House In Seattle, WA

If you decided you want to sell your house, probably you’re thinking now about the number of things you have to get done to make it. From cleaning and repairing the house, through the paperwork you have to take care of. But what if we tell you that I Will Buy House can buy your house in Seattle WA, and you don’t have to take care of any of that, plus not having to pay any commission or fee? Yes, that’s possible. 


Benefits Of Selling Your House With Us 

There are a couple of ways to sell your house, but we know you’re probably looking for the fastest and simplest one. If that, you have come to the right place and we’ll tell you why.

With us, you don’t have to:

  • Clean up or repair the property
  • Pay the 6% that agents ask for commissions
  • Pay 4% of closing costs
  • Pay holding costs and property taxes
  • Find an agent, clean the house, listing it, and showing it
  • Face the risk of the seller not being qualified by the bank
  • Wait more than 30 days or less to have sold your house
  • Worry about if your house is sold to someone who can’t afford to buy it

Get The Right Offer

We make the home selling process simple and easy so you don’t have to struggle more than you’re already struggling with your unwanted situation. You just have to contact us or fill our form, we’ll come to take a look at the house, we agree to the terms and then you choose the closing date. Easy right?

You don’t have to worry anymore about finding a real state agent, when your house will get an offer, or when are going to be the inspections and all of that. You can rest with us with our quick process.

We’ll buy your house in Seattle WA, no matter the house conditions or the situation. We can solve your most complicated problem.